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#Extant:   astronaut Molly Woods went on a 13-month solo mission. She did not return alone.   Halle Berry stars in Extant.   premieres July 9 on CBS.   i’ll be watching.    -redorkulous

Wow! The hair cut! Black woman in space! Robot children! Halle Berry! The doctor from E.R.! Aliens impregnating folks!
Cbs is trying to get all the cable y’all spending big pimp bucks too.

LMAO! Love your summary. Key clue…the ships name - The Seraphim.

Definition: an angelic being, regarded in traditional Christian etymology as belonging to the highest order of the nine-fold celestial hierarchy, associated with light, ardor, and purity.

SQUEEEEEEEE THUD! Why is it not July!?!

I don’t watch CBS but I’m watching this. Aliens! Robots! Halle Berry!!!!!! I’m in there like swimwear.


SIGNAL BOOST! Check this out Sleepyheads!

It’s already on my watchlist.

I want these primetime networks to see how much money they’ve missing out on by keeping their line-ups lily-white for all these damn years.

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Mind Games 

What a roller coaster ride. I’ve experienced the highest high of storytelling- finding a new show that is pretty much brilliant, by my standards - followed by the crushing news that it’s already been cancelled. After just 5 episodes. T_T

I… LOVE this show. I love it. I find it excellent on every front: story, character dynamics, pacing, delving into morality and psychology of human behavior, and the delicious twists and turns. The best drama I’ve seen in a long long time, and I highly recommend it.

I’m sad that there won’t be more, but I am so, SO happy that I got to see these amazing five episodes. Bravo, Mr. Killen.

( I WANT that 6th episode tho! If yer gonna advertise it, yer gotta give it to me, ABC!!)

I love Kyle Killen’s work! I’m so sad to hear he had another show cancelled on him. :((( Gonna have to look for these eps now.

The guy seriously needs to move to cable because his stuff just doesn’t gel with network TV. 


First trailer: Almost Human

Executive-produced by Emmy Award winner J.J. Abrams and creator J.H. Wyman and starring Karl Urban, Michael Ealy, Minka Kelly and Emmy Award nominee Lili Taylor, Almost Human is a high-tech, high-stakes action drama set 35 years in the future, when police officers are partnered with highly evolved human-like androids. An unlikely partnership is forged when a part-machine cop (Urban) is forced to pair with a part-human robot (Ealy) as they fight crime and investigate a deeper cover-up in a futuristic new world.

Pilot anniversary — November 16th, 2004

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dude I just

here is the cast of Revenge:

to contrast, here is a show where I can actually tell people apart:

Okay, I know, it’s the Hamptons, you can’t expect this level of diversity. And yeah, people are going to generally be conventionally thin and attractive, since they have access…



Sky 1 HD premiers a new Sinbad with the dreamiest non-white actor as the lead. In fact, I think I counted like only four white people in the entirety of this trailer. Can we just appreciate this.

New favorite show.


Barbie™ Life in the Dreamhouse

 Chelsea’s Birthday

Ohmygod, this actually looks hilarious. SKIPPER!!! Hahaha….



Easter Egg of the Day: Want to know why Community is getting canceled? Because it’s simply too amazing for this world.

You already know how chock-full of Easter Eggs it is, right? Well, someone just found the best one yet.

It seems that the writers have been sneaking the word “Betelgeuse” into the script of a single episode each season.

Check out what happened when the word was uttered a third time during the show’s Halloween episode, “Horror Fiction in Seven Spooky Steps.” (Hint: Look behind Annie.)

Pure brilliance.


totally flew by me, oh my goodness


Neverland trailer


This amount of preparation, work and careful consideration of gags, story and characters make Community the brilliant show that it is!



From the room in which Remedial Chaos Theory was broken by Chris McKenna and writers.  I’m sorry, that’s not accurate.  The room in which Chris McKenna and writers were broken by Remedial Chaos Theory.  Thank you so much for your patience and sacrifices, guys.

This right here is why Community is the best written show on TV. Fuck you are all amazing!

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